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I'm so delighted, that you decided to find out something about me. I hope you've enjoyed your stay in my homepages!


Hello, my dear reader. I'm Lauri Ahonen, a Medical student in the University of Helsinki, Finland. I was born in Helsinki. I have previously studied chemistry, physics and mathematics also in Helsinki.



  • Medical and natural sciences, human innovations and that sort of stuff.
  • Gastronomy: I really, really like cooking and enjoying gourmet food and drinks when ever possible. (check out my cider making pages)
  • Interior design and beautiful things
  • Using all kinds of electronic devices: computers & games, video technology and HIFI-audio equipment
  • Video filming and editing, photography and visual computer arts
  • Movies. THE movies bigger than life itself
  • Kittens

As for my taste in music: Acid Jazz, Jazz, Groove, Chill out, House, Electronic sounds, retro computer, some of the 1960-1970's, Classical music and Saxophone! But in the other hand I may listen to virtually any kind of music. One must praise the gift internet has given to the way I listen to music. When I'm in home, I usually always have some great net radio on. Like Groove Salad or Secret Agent @


The first version of these pages date back to 1996. That's the reason, why I made pages for Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever. There simply weren't almost any of them. Somehow the pages just started to grow.

All the images, animations and design has been completely created by me, apart from the obvious (Star Wars pictures etc).

Please sign my guest book and tell me what you think. I hope you enjoy my homepages.


For the more technically minded, I've been an Amiga user since 1989, but as for now, I've decided to use several beefy AMD x86 based systems (currently running Windows XP Pro). Not that I especially enjoy using Windows, but I have lost some of the übernerd in me and just don't want to waste my time knee-deep in coding and tweaking.

All the code is hand written, but I've been using Frontpage 2000 to aid me in updating. These pages should work pretty well with every browser.

In case you need some alastonkuvia, please check out this link. (This link is just here to make people using google to feel stupid)

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