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Star Wars Trilogy

The Star Wars trilogy is a serie of movies which locates to a distant galaxy far, far away. The main point of the series is the war between the rebellions and the evil Emperium which tries constantly to destroy the small rebellion base. The rebels try to protect themselves against the evil emperor and Darth Vader, a "robotized" Jedi knight which has turned to the dark side of the force. The only way to gain peace to the galaxy is to destroy the evil emperior and their battle stations.

Originally the current Star Wars series contains only the three last parts of the entire serie. The original Star Wars movie (1977) was really the fourth part of the series (The current trilogy consists of: IV - A new hope, V - Empire strikes back, VI - Return of the Jedi). George Lucas (The original writer and the director of the "First part - Star Wars IV - A hew Hope") has already begun to work on the "Clone Wars" series which consists of the first three parts of the actual six parted series (I - VI). I can hardly wait! If you want to know more about the characters or about the whole movie, press here!
Ewok (ROTJ) Yoda & Luke SkyWalker (ROTJ)

Darth Vader (ESB) Jabba The Hut (ROTJ)

Han Solo (ESB) Han Solo & Princess Leia (ROTJ)

ROTJ=Return of the Jedi - ESB=Empire strikes back

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