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Have you ever heard anything like the following conversation?

  • Those Finns are really crazy!
  • What do you mean, eh?
  • They go to a room with a temperature near boiling point for fifteen minutes and after that they usually get drunk and drown themselves to the lake outside their sauna!

Sauna was invented all over the would in about the same time. But the way how Finnish people go to Sauna makes The Finnish Sauna. 


Yes, it might seem to be a bit crazy to torture yourself in a hot room, but one should give it a try. Sauna's a perfect place for complete relaxation. Quite often actually, Sauna is the place where we Finns do the most deep conversations - sincerely.

If blokes are having a beer-playstation evening, sauna usually takes place very late in the morning. There's nothing sexual about sauna in Finland (try to have sex in 100C and you'll know :)). Men and women very often go to sauna together.


Sometimes we Finns spring out off the sauna to our backyard or even a bit further. If it's winter, and the ground is covered with snow, people tend to start rolling on it as a little children would do. Again it might sometimes seem like we Finns are completely out of our minds. True. It's insane, but can be so liberating and soothing.

As Janne Willenius very aptly put out: "The experience of birch leaf scented steam rising and then the cold water of a forest lake covered with mist, creates a state of body and mind that would make a Dalai Lama envious."

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