Last Update:29-Apr-2003

"Amigausers form a vivid community, ready to share their time and efforts to each other."

rissanen PERSONAL a humanalike irc bot (Finnish).
MrMovie PERSONAL a heavily integrated application for handling of your movie database (fully featured with internet movie database integration).
SecondSpin  ACTIVE a featurepacked and fast cdrom audio <-> mpeg audio (mp3) converter.
TurboRaketti 2 IDLE official homepages and development efforts with skillful coders.
cdromlister PERSONAL a html cdrom contents lister.
DamnHPY INACTIVE a HPY connection handler. Supports various alarm types, is highly configurable (can therefore be used with other than HPY connections too) and displays all stats realtime.
InternetDialer INACTIVE  AmiTCP, Miami & MultiLink dialin system. I don't trust my passwords to Miami (Sorry H. Kruse!) and I really hate the Miami dialer. All current stacks definitely needed a proper dialer so I created this simple, but stylish and effective dialer with full DamnHPY support.
SYS FINAL c64 SYS command emulator (wow, download now!)
CoverPal CANCELLED Stylish color or grayscale cd-r cover creation system for TV-Paint and TurboPrint.
VidiStudio OBSOLETE DigiView animation digitizer system with Infrared (InfraRexx) support.
CDManager alias ZoolDIZ CD PERSONAL Very effective and intuitive cd-rom finder & cataloger with full support for almost all fileformats ever created. Browse & search your cd-roms for particular file(s) and print out lists of specific types (like macintosh archives or mpeg audios).
CNet BBS-Software development VERY DEAD Doors and utilities.

Other nice stuff

My Workbench #1 A screenshot of my amiga workbench in full action.

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