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SecondSpin is a fully working giftware project to give the complete conversion solution to mpeg audio for your Amiga compatible enviroment. It's mainly meant to help you to make perfect mp3 files easily with your amiga, but it's also able to decode mpeg audio back to aiff files to be burnt back to a cd.


  • designed to work in Amiga compatible environment - would that be the real thing, emulator or second generation derivation
  • will easily convert audiocds (CDDA) to mpeg audio files or additionally only leech the tracks as aiff files.
  • supports AsimCDFS if specified.
  • has full mpeg tag editing possibilities for audio cd:s.
  • will easily convert your existing AIFF or WAV files to mpeg audio
  • will convert Protracker, XM, S3M, FastTracker modules to AIFF or mpeg audio files. * Also MED1-3 (MMD1/MMD2/MMD3) modules are supported, but through MED to XM conversion.
  • will convert PlaySID formatted SID tunes to WAV or mpeg audio files.
  • also converts mpeg files back to AIFF for general use.
  • is able to directly convert existing mpeg layer 1-3 files to mpeg layer 3 format (eg. conversion of 128kbps jstereo file to 32kbps mono.
  • outputs mpeg audio layers 1, 2 and 3 with mono, stereo and j-stereo with bitrates of: layer 3: 320, 256, 192, 160, 128, 112, 96, 64, 32, 24, 16 or 8 kbps layer 2: 320, 256, 192, 160, 128, 112, 96, 64, 32 layer 1: 320, 256, 192, 160, 128, 96, 64, 32
  • a full fontsensitive, functional and easy GUI
  • supports all amigas (with or without fpu) as well as amigas equipped with a ppc.
  • supports, so it's able to fetch track information from the site.
  • also has full CDID support including loading, saving, cddb to cdid converting and editing.
  • fully localized
  • has fully featured configuration editor
  • support for amiga crunching standards, XPK and PowerPacker


SecondSpin is distributed as several different archives. The main archive, which contains SecondSpin core components and additional archives which contains various encoders (like mp2, mp3 or ogg) or adds extra functionality like Midi support.

Main archive
SecondSpin_Install.lha v2.18 Beta (considered stable) @ Aminet
SecondSpin_Install.lha v2.50 Beta @ main server - README (Currently in development)
Encoder archive for mp2 support (Currently in development)
SecondSpin_mp2enc.lha v1.0 @ main server
Encoder archive for mp3 support
SecondSpin_Encoder.lha v3.89 Beta for SecondSpin v2.18 @ main server
SecondSpin_mp3enc.lha v1.0 (LAME core x.xx) @ main server (Currently in development)
Encoder archive for ogg-vorbis support
SecondSpin_oggenc.lha v1.0 @ main server (Currently in development)
Additional archive for Midi-file support (via Timidity++ engine)
SecondSpin_Midi.lha v1.0 @ main server (Currently in development)


SecondSpin has a web based forum ready for your questions and suggestions. Please make full use of it and make this project florish.


I've converted the to html, so that you can take a peek. SecondSpin Documentation.


Yes, SecondSpin is giftware. If you feel like you'd like to support future development of SecondSpin and thank me for the four years I've been developing this software for Amiga. See the documentation for details how to contribute. Thank you very much indeed.

NEWS (SecondSpin site related)

20. December 2002 : Completely reworked my whole homepages. Preparing to a new major release of SecondSpin.

29. April 2003 : My school is nearing the end for this semester. So it might be possible that I'll get some motivation to finish the v2.50. Why wouldn't you motivate me a bit?

20. February 2004 : I've done some preliminary testing with MUI GUI. Triton GUI-system had numerous advantages when I made SecondSpin v1.0, but it's now clear that Triton must go. Mainly because of the unsolved crash bug caused by the ARexx implementation. So MUI it is.


Amiga Active reviewed SecondSpin v2.17 in 2001. My greatest thanks to Robert Williams for letting me to publish this article. (Too bad that Amiga Active is no more :( - what a great magazine it was)

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