Last Update: 07-Jan-2004

SISU (a.k.a. TUPU) the cat

Sisu had been an everyday part of my life since I was 12 years old. I'd been moaning my parents for a cat about since I was born, but finally I got one as a birthday present from my aunt.

I really couldn't have been happier. Sisu proved over the years that she was a true gem. Sisu's very social and made people instantly to fall in love with her.

We found a small malignous tumour from her in autumn 2002. Surgical removal took immediately place but it wasn't enough. Sisu had to be put into sleep in January 2004. Farewell my friend :(:(.

Sisu gave birth to 4 kittens in 1996. We kept one of them - Sadisti, but he departed us in the age of two in 1998, after fighting a fox (He really wasn't ment for this life - rest in pieces). 

Sisu as a kitten (Fall 1992)

Sisu and kittens after birth (Spring 1996)

The kittens #1 - Named from the left, Kusipää, Veli Ponteva, Musti, Sadisti.

The kittens #2

The kittens #3


Sisu taking an afternoon nap.

After dinner.


Sisu (Fall 1997)

Sisu (Fall 2003)

Sisu and sadisti

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