Last Update: 07-Jan-2003 (Finnish, English)

The unknown, old and ugly TurboRaketti II game (translated TurboRocket) which was developed by Heikki Kosola in the years 1991-1993 has taken a whole generation of finnish amiga users to it's fast and intensive world. It really is one of the best games ever made. TurboRaketti is very fast adrenaline pumping gravity game which has a simple idea: to destroy your opponent's ships and to gather TurboRanking points. The game has different kinds of speedraces which affects to the points given. It's always very important to choose your tactic to match our opponents.

The web is filled with poor (and usually very expensive) copies of Turboraketti. But I can assure you - There's nothing like Turboraketti.
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