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My trusty Nokia 6110 phone bought in beginning of year 1998 was coming to an end. I needed to get a new phone and fast. I was going to buy a cheap new phone, but Nokia decided to lower the price of N-Gage to about 100e.Thus giving out ~100-150e for any other phone with no real advantages (IMHO) over my old phone seemed quite stupid. As we all know, N-Gage isn't much of an gaming deck when compared to eg. Nintendo Gameboy Advanced. But Nokia N-Gage runs on Symbian OS 6 and this makes it possible to cheaply use various high quality applications.

(Prices 04/2003 @ Stores in Finland)

- Nokia N-Gage mobile phone, 100e (with 32M MMC)
Symbian 6 based (series 60) mobile phone with unparalleled price-quality relation.
- PC Computer (with Windows XP)
Gives wide access to support software and file transfer.
- Bluetooth adapter for USB, 20-40e
Makes you possible to fully explore, edit and use phone capacity. Not really necessary though.
- 256M MultiMediaCard (MMC), 50-100e
For storing all kind of data (games, music, movies and applications).


Emulators are programs which emulate another system completely. You need to get some ROM files (data files of the original game) for these emulators to work. I'm not going to provide these to you, you'll just have to search the internet. I'm sure you'll find plenty.

GoBoy Plus - Gameboy Color Emulator
Homepage / download link
YewNES - Nintendo Entertainment System emulator (8-bit NES)
Homepage / download link
eMAME - Arcade Games emulator
supports >1200 games (list) currently, although most of them are too slow :(
Homepage / download link
e32Frodo - Commodore 64 emulator
Homepage / download link
ZXBoy - Spectrum ZX emulator
Homepage / download link
fMSX - MSX System emulator
Homepage / download link


Java midlets are small Java Mobile Edition based programs, which are very easy to create. These can be used to add new applications or games to N-Gage and also provides the most easy way to create your own programs (I'm not going to tell here, how does one write code) but if you have ever done any programming, this might be a great new way to spend some time. - The best place to find free JavaME based programs
Homepage / download link
If you'd like to do some JavaME programming, grab these
Not Yet Available - The best place to find free JavaME based programs
Homepage / download link


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